Our List fine italian wines on tap

One thing you can’t miss in our Gnocherrias is our bright and bold tap wine display! We want them to be noticed because we think tap wine is the most amazing way to serve wine – it’s fresh and delicious every time and just how the winemaker intended it. It’s also the most sustainable way to deliver wine. Our supplier has an enviable commitment to the environment, evidenced by their work reducing land fill, offsetting carbon emissions and planting trees in koala habitats.

Our incredible range of premium tap wines includes Sangiovese, Pinot Grigio, Rosato, authentic Spritz and Prosecco.

Premium Bottled Wine

We love the passionate local winemakers here in Australia who are committed to making traditional Italian wines. We think one of the very best is Berton Vineyards in Yanda NSW, just outside of Griffith, so that’s why we’ve teamed up to bring you some of the most delicious locally made wines you’re ever going to taste!

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